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Not-so-much hard- core and coding tasks...
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Website (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Reporter Owner Status Created
#484 Website design: create a CSS file from the mockup todo raffa assigned 01/03/10
#487 Press page todo raffa new 01/03/10
#881 document the purpose of the various git repositories todo ct new 01/30/12
#884 Fix the website content for the new asciidoc version fixme ct new 02/28/12
#935 Website design: integrate menu generation todo ichthyo new 10/25/13
#753 History corner todo ichthyo ichthyo accepted 02/18/11

smallTasks (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Reporter Owner Status Created
#171 asciidoc, graphviz plugin generating target dependant output todo ct new 06/18/09
#181 illustration diagram for the nobug deadlock checker, graphviz/asciidoc planned ct new 07/11/09
#139 use literal quoting in metaprogramming tests planned ichthyo new 06/16/09
#423 Asciidoc Guide for Lumiera Helpers todo ct assigned 11/21/09
#626 Documentation Style for printed documentation todo ct assigned 06/03/10
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